5 Rustic Roofing Upgrades That Can Improve Curb Appeal

Upgrading the roof on your home comes with many benefits including water protection, wind protection, and better heating or cooling efficiency. Along with the roofing installation, there are many upgrades you can add to your home at the same time. These upgrades include visual accessories used to enhance the look of a home.

If you're looking to add a rustic appeal to your house then consider the following five different decorative upgrades. Many roofers can install them at the same time as your new roof and they will last for years to come.

Gable Decorations

At any area where the roof peaks, you have the ability to install a gable decoration. These decorations hang off the edge of the roof and are usually installed above windows. This trim decoration can actually apply more shade into a home. The gable decorations include a variety of materials and intricate designs that represent Victorian appeal.

They can be crafted out of a number of materials including cast iron or PVC piping. The different finishes help you achieve a variety of colors to help match the roof color and siding of a home. Once installed, the gable is a permanent piece that requires minimal maintenance other than power washes as needed.


Expand the look of your roof by installing a large cupola. Cupolas are pillar-shaped designs that can extend the appearance of your roof height while matching the design and colors of your home. A cupola is typically four sided in an elongated rectangle shape. They are topped with a curved and pointed roof. A cupola is made from materials like wood, copper, synthetic wood, or plastic.

The sides of a cupola can feature open window areas or small blinds that stay closed. When installing a cupola on a garage or shed, they can actually serve a purpose to increase the ventilation of fresh air into the structure.

Chimney Caps

Protect your chimney when it's not use and add a rustic decorative element at the same time. Chimney caps come in a variety of styles including designs used to enhance the look of your home.

  • Chimney Pots: These clay pots have a rustic appeal and extend up in a cylinder shape. Smaller pots are usually paired onto a single chimney to help enhance the look.
  • Palace Caps: Palace caps cover a chimney and curve up to a point. They add a completed look to the chimney while supplying a smooth design element.
  • Chimney Shroud: The extended chimney shroud cover featured vented cut out designs that include patterns, shapes, and rustic finishes like bronze.

Roof Thatching

One of the oldest roof designs available includes the use of dried grasses and plants that are sewn together to create a protective and decorative roof. This roofing design process is known as thatching. When getting a roof upgrade, many modern designs will use thatching as purely a decorative option. A small area of thatching can be used for the peak of your roof, but it more ideal for smaller roofs like a garage or addition to the home.

Weather Vanes

One of the easiest upgrades roofers can install on your home is a weather vane. These decorative items showcase north, south, east, and west directions while an ornamental topper moves with the wind and can point in multiple directions. The main difference when choosing a weather vane is the topper you want for it.

  • Traditional: The more basic weather vane designs include roosters, eagles, and other types of birds.
  • Farm Animals: Add a topper that includes farm animals like barn cats, horses, cows, or pigs. These designs are typically solid silhouettes in the profile shape of the animal.
  • Buildings: Showcase a variety of building designs like lighthouses and barns.
  • Holidays: Add Santa Claus, a witch, or a flying cupid to represent a number of different holidays.
  • Sports: Golfers, footballs, and other sport shapes can add a rustic appeal while showcasing your favorite sport.

When working with a roofer, find out about the additional costs for any of these installations and the possible products that they have available. Check out sites like http://www.acomaroofing.com for more information.