It’s Getting Hot In Here! Hot Updates For Your Kitchen Remodel

From replacing worn roofing shingles and warped boards on your deck to planting flowers each season, it is easy to see how periodic updates can increase your home's appeal and value. As a homeowner, you may also prefer updates that improve the function of your home. The kitchen is a great area for improving your family's needs while increasing the overall appeal and value of your house. Of course, making the right decisions during a kitchen remodel is smart if you want an estimated 100 percent return on your investment. Using these hot remodeling updates, you can improve the look, function, and value of your kitchen.

Organizational Updates

After the remodel, you will want to keep your kitchen clean and tidy. This can be difficult since the room is most likely a favorite area for your family to dine, relax, and entertain. Fortunately, your kitchen can remain clean and organized with a few cabinet upgrades.

When designing the layout for your cabinetry, incorporate specialized shelving and drawers that accommodate the following:

  • Waste – Pull-out drawers that hold a trash and recycling bin are hot updates, since they will allow you to hide overflowing trash cans that decrease the appeal of your space.
  • Cookware – Consider adding drawers that accommodate not only your pots and pans, but also their matching lids. Storing the lids in a separate area of your cabinetry and drawers decreases productivity in the kitchen.
  • Bakeware – Certain cabinets should offer longer or wider spaces to store flat cookies sheets, cake pans, and cooling racks.
  • Utensils – Dividers inside of drawers allow you to store cooking and dining utensils in a neat, organized manner.
  • Spices – Commonly found on a rack inside your cabinet or pantry, spices can take up a great deal of your storage space. Opt for a custom spice rack or drawer that slides out near your stove.


Increase the appeal of your kitchen by adding color to not only the walls, but also your cabinetry. While beige and eggshell are common, they can be boring. Using one of the newer neutral colors will easily add some style to your kitchen. Instead of the ordinary look of beige and eggshell, opt for shades of gray, blue, green, or a greige color, which is a combination of grey and beige.

After choosing the background paint color for your kitchen, add pops of color to your kitchen cabinets. If you have an island, consider painting it a shade that will complement the rest of your cabinets. If most of your kitchen cabinets are a darker wood tone, paint the island a bright red, green, or blue. Or, consider painting the island a distressed black to complement white or cream cabinets.


Your kitchen remodel can also benefit the environment and your finances by conserving water and energy. Here are a few eco-friendly updates to consider for your kitchen remodel:

  • Low-Flow Faucets – Replacing your outdated faucet with a new, low-flow model will not only improve the appeal of your kitchen, but it will also conserve water. WaterSense-labeled sink faucets can reduce the sink's flow by 30 percent.
  • Energy Star Appliances – Updating your appliances is also smart during your remodel, but opt for Energy Star models to conserve energy. Since the refrigerator is a large part of your appliance purchase, start shopping for an Energy Star refrigerator, which is 9 to 10 percent more efficient than standard models. After selecting your new refrigerator, find matching Energy Star dishwashers, ovens, ranges, and microwaves that also decrease your home's total energy usage.

Remodeling your kitchen is a smart investment for your home and family's needs, but it can become overwhelming due to all the different decisions. Using this guide, your remodel will ensure the kitchen is appealing, valuable, and environmentally friendly.