Building Custom Homes: 3 Ways To Add More Storage Space In Your Home

The average American doesn't necessarily want a big home. In fact, most Americans would appreciate a home between 1,401 and 2,600 square feet. That's not very large. But when designing and building your dream home, you most definitely need to make sure that you have incorporated sufficient storage space within the architectural styling of the home so you have enough living space and storage space. This will help keep your home nice and organized without having to rely heavily on furniture. Here are 3 ideas on how more storage space can be added.

Install a Spiral Cellar System for the Wine

Most homeowners don't account for the fact that they'll need a place to store their wine and other beverages. Most American homes simply do not have a wine cellar. But if you're a big fan of wine, beer, champagne and other types of alcohol and beverages, speak to a custom home builder regarding whether it would be possible to incorporate a spiral cellar system into your home.

The spiral cellar is dug into the ground and made from concrete with watertight lining. To induce passive ventilation, the cellar will receive cool air fed from a pipe at ceiling level and push the warm air downwards and out through another pipe within the cellar. With ventilation, the cellars can actively maintain a temperature of approximately 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and can hold anywhere from 1,000 to 1,600 bottles of wine, champagne and other beverages.

Add Storage Space Underneath the Stairs

Another fun idea is to add storage space underneath the stairs. In particular, one of the most popular ideas to hit the internet is to transform the stairs into drawers that are easily accessible. You can pull these stairs out one at a time in order to store specific items. For example, you might want to store shoes within stairs that are close to entrances. You can honestly store whatever you like. Keep in mind that the stairs tend to be rather shallow, so you won't be able to store large items within the drawers.

To accomplish this, the custom home builders will need to come up with a design that can withstand the weight of several people without collapsing. As the stairs are turned into drawers, they have less structural support within.

Incorporate Storage Shelves at Doorways

If you love large and wide doorways between rooms, you'll also be able to use this design to your advantage by installing storage shelves at the doorways. Not only will this enhance the presence of the doorways, but you'll also find yourself with more space to showcase artwork, to keep books and to store other items.

Generally speaking, these storage shelves are incorporated into the architectural structure and style of the doorways. This way, the shelves do not interfere with the amount of space that the doorways can offer. You'll want to discuss the amount of storage that you'll need with custom home builders. Generally speaking, shelves are installed to the side of the doorways for easy access. This is because shelving units installed at the top of the doorways tend to be harder to access.


You can have your dream home with just a little bit of planning and effort. Speak to a custom home builder, such as those at Cornerstone Contracting, regarding the architectural design and style of your home in order to determine where more storage space can be added. Adding more storage space will not only make your home life much more comfortable, but it will also improve the market value of your home should you be interested in selling it in the future. Future potential homebuyers will be drawn in by the extra attention put into designing a practical and convenient home.