Lower Your Energy Costs And Improve HVAC Performance

If you're like most homeowners, you likely rely on your HVAC system throughout the year to keep temperatures comfortable inside. But with regular use, your HVAC system is put through a lot of wear and tear that can inhibit proper performance and increase your energy costs. Here are a few things you can do to ensure optimal HVAC performance year-round and decrease your overall energy expenses:

Replace Your Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat in your home that's compatible with your current HVAC system is sure to help decrease your monthly power bills by up to 15 percent and will enable you to manage indoor temperatures whether or not you're home. Being able to manage temperatures while away will ensure that your air conditioner and heater aren't used when unnecessary, which will help reduce wear and tear overall and minimize the need for costly repairs as time goes on. Programmable thermostats come in many sizes, designs, and shapes which should make it easy to incorporate one that complement's your home's current decor.

Seal up Your Ducts

If your home is fitted with a forced-air HVAC system, your household might be losing up to a whopping 30 percent of temperature controlled air flow if any cracks, holes, or even minor leaks have developed in the ducts. Unusually high energy bills during the summer or winter, the development of stuffy rooms, or spaces that seem hard to keep warm or cool throughout the year are all signs that your ducts should be sealed as soon as possible. To decrease wear and tear on your system and increase air flow for proper temperature control indoors, use mastic sealant or thermal metal tape to seal the edges of all the ducts you can access. Don't forget to seal ducts in your basement and attic!

Plant Some Deciduous Trees

Planting some new deciduous trees on your property near windows that get direct sunlight during the day and in front of your exterior HVAC unit is an excellent way to protect your home from excessive heat and cold throughout the year. In the summer, deciduous trees are full of large leaves that will shade your house from the sun's heat. During the winter months, deciduous trees lose their leaves and allows the sun to heat things naturally up inside. Landscaping with new trees can even increase your overall property value by up to 20 percent. Some beautiful options to consider include dogwood, crab apple, and European beech.

These methods and techniques are sure to help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter without having to put a lot of wear and tear on your HVAC system. You're likely to save a considerable amount of money on energy expenses throughout the year too.  For more information, talk to a professional like Nathan's Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.