Learn What To Expect When Having A Boathouse Built

When you want to have a boathouse built, it is important to hire professional builders to take care of the build for you. There are important things that need to be done to ensure that the boathouse is as stable as it can possibly be. This guide walks you through a few essential things professional boathouse builders will do to build you the safest boathouse possible.

Drive Poles into the Ground

When a boathouse is built, the first thing that is done is that poles are driven into the ground to use as the foundation for the build. The builders will need to measure the depth of the water to ensure that they purchase poles that are long enough to go into the ground quite a few feet so that they will be steady enough to hold the weight of the boathouse when it is done. They will then need to drive the poles into the ground with heavy machinery that is typically attached to a barge.

Create the Base of the Boathouse

Next, the base for the boathouse will be created. This is the area where decking is added for you and your family to walk on when going onto the boathouse. A screened porch can be added on this level and a boat lift, if you want one to be added. The builders will walk through the design of the boathouse with you before they even start driving poles to ensure that you know what to expect when everything is said and done.

Trusses and Support Beams Will Be Added

Next, trusses and support beams will be added to the boathouse. The trusses distribute the weight of the roofing so that the roof does not collapse when it snows or leaves collect on it. The trusses come in various sizes so that builders will take a lot of measurements to determine the weight load capacity the trusses need to be able to hold and how large they need to be. It is important for the measurements to be accurate so that the trusses and support beams can support the weight efficiently.

Once all of the trusses are put into place, the roofing will be added to the boathouse. You will be able to choose from a variety of roofing options, such as shingles or metal roofing to create the exact look that you want. Many people choose to select shingles that are a similar color to the shingles that they have on their home to create a uniform look between the boathouse and their house. For more information about the building process, contact a truss contractor.