Signs That A Complete Parking Lot Repaving Is Needed

If you run or manage a large retail store, then you may be required to inspect the inside and outside of the facility on a daily basis. Your inspection may involve looking closely at your parking lot, and there are a variety of different types of damage you may see. While simple hairline openings and some alligator cracks are not much to worry about, there are some types of damage that should be addressed immediately by repaving the lot.


If you see a large or even a small sinkhole or divot in an area of your parking lot, then this is a sign that repaving should be completed. Divots are areas where the asphalt has been subjected to a great deal of weight. This weight has caused the asphalt to weaken and start to deteriorate. While some divots are areas where the asphalt has crumbled, others occur when the substrate underneath the asphalt compresses and caves in. This is a common issue if a heavy truck parks in the same spot or if a commercial truck unloads goods in the same area every week.

While some divots can be filled in with either hot or cold asphalt patches, the area is likely to continue sinking. Substrate problems can only be repaired permanently by digging up the asphalt, regrading it, and adding new substrate. If this is not done in a timely manner, then the divot will grow. Also, water will pool in the area, seep into the ground, and contribute to overall asphalt deterioration.

Gas And Oil Stains

You are likely to see some staining across the surface of your parking lot, and most of the stains will be dark in color. Some stains can be removed with a thorough cleaning and a solution of TSP or a dishwashing detergent. However, some stains indicate the deterioration of the asphalt. If you try to clean up stains and the asphalt still appears dark afterwards, then oil or gasoline has seeped into the asphalt.

Oil and gasoline can both seep into the parking lot and thin out the asphalt that binds the parking lot together. When this happens, the asphalt becomes soft and can break free easily. Large, open cracks and potholes are common when this happens. Unfortunately, if stains are widespread, then a long stretch of freezing temperatures or a rainy season can cause the asphalt to heave. This will create an uneven surface that is not safe for patrons. It is wise to invest in repaving before an accident or injury occurs. 

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