Two Symptoms Of A Faulty Well Pressure Tank

If your home relies on a well to supply it with water, then you know how critical the proper function of each component within the water delivery system can be. Diagnosing problems within the water delivery system can be challenging, but pulsing water is typically caused by a faulty pressure tank.

Here are two symptoms that you should be watching for when trying to determine if you need a new pressure tank to supply water to your home in the future.

1. Inability to use multiple fixtures at the same time.

Your well water delivery system should be capable of supplying enough water to allow for the simultaneous use of multiple plumbing fixtures within your home. If you find that the water in one fixture begins to pulse when you turn on another fixture, this could be a sign that your pressure tank is not large enough to accommodate your home's water demands.

The well's pump feeds water into the pressure tank where it is pressurized prior to delivery into the home. If the tank isn't large enough to hold enough water to supply multiple fixtures, one fixture will begin to run out of water (or pulse) when a second is engaged. Replacing the pressure tank with a larger unit can solve this pulsing-water problem.

2. Pulsing water when using a single fixture.

If you find that the water coming from a single fixture begins to pulse during use, this could be an indication that there is air inside of your pressure tank. You should unscrew the plastic cap from the air valve on top of your pressure tank. Use a small screw driver to engage the valve.

A pressure tank that is operating properly will shoot a pressurized stream of water from the air valve when it is depressed. A pressure tank with air inside of it will make a hissing noise and produce a sputtering water stream when the air valve is depressed. If air in the pressure tank is causing pulsing water inside your home, you will need to replace the pressure tank with a new one to eliminate this water-supply problem.

Being able to identify the reason why your home's fixtures are producing a pulsing stream of water allows you to address the problem head-on. Since an undersized pressure tank or a tank that has been contaminated with air are typically to blame for pulsing water, you should check the pressure tank when troubleshooting pulsing water in your home.

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