Wood Fencing Ideas To Spruce Up Your Landscaping This Spring For A New Look

If you are planning on installing a new fence around your home, there are other improvements that can be done. Wood fencing will give you other features like privacy screens, arbors and custom landscaping features. Wood fencing will give you the ability to add many different features to your landscaping. If you want to install a wood fence for your home, here are some of the landscaping design features that can also be done:

1. Using Wood Fencing Trellises to Create Climate Plant Landscaping Features

Wood fencing trellises are a solution to use for climbing plants in your landscaping design. The fencing materials can be conventional with lattice attached to them, which is a good solution for creating a unique landscaping design. The trellises can also be unique and give you a way to create a unique living fence with climbing plants like vines or fast-growing shrubs.

2. Give Your Home More Privacy with Wood Fencing as Privacy Screens

The most common landscaping features to add with wood fencing are privacy screens. Privacy screens can be added to your garden, patio and strategic areas to give you the most privacy and security. There are also a wide variety of materials to choose from for a privacy screen made from wood fencing. You may want to use conventional sections of fence that match the rest of the fencing around your home. Other choices you may want to consider for a privacy fence include using lattice materials or different lumber materials like tropical hardwood, which will add style to your privacy fencing.

3. Separate Areas with Wood Fencing to Create Different, Unique Spaces In Landscaping

Another improvement that you may want to consider doing with wood fencing around your home is creating different spaces. Unique spaces are a great way to create areas for outdoor living and entertainment, as well as for meditation and relaxation. Consider combining fencing features with living plants to create sound barriers to separate areas or noise from nearby roads, neighbors and other noise pollution. In addition, you may want to use wood fencing on features like retaining walls, which can help separate spaces, as well as use less materials for lower fencing features.

These are some of the features that you may want to add to your landscaping design with a new fence. Contact a fencing contractor to help with adding some of these features to your landscaping with wood fencing. For more information, contact companies like Rut Fencing.