4 Tech Features To Consider For Your New House

If you are in the process of planning and building a new home, think carefully about how to incorporate technology into your new home. Here are four different features you can add to your home that are technology-based or influenced.

#1 Ethernet Ports

Although wireless internet is all the rage, the best way to get the fastest internet possible is still through a wired connection. In order to get the maximum download and upload speed that your internet provider can get to your home, you need to use a wired connection. Ethernet is the best way to get a fast wired connections. 

Talk to your home builder about having ethernet ports put in all rooms of your home where you will use the internet, especially rooms where you will have stationary equipment set-up, such as your television and gaming systems, that need internet access. You can hardwire and connect these devices via ethernet instead of relying on a wireless connection.

#2 Electrical Outlets

With so many electronic devices becoming vital to everyday life, from electric toothbrushes in the bathroom, to toasters, juicers and microwaves in your kitchen, it can be easy for all of your electrical outlets to get full. If most of the electrical outlets in your old house were full all of the time, consider putting additional electrical outlets in your new home so that you don't overload your electrical system or have to search around your home for a free outlet. Think carefully where you want electrical outlets in your new home, and when in doubt, go with extra outlets instead of fewer outlets. 

You also don't have to stick to traditional electrical outlets. You can set-up electrical outlets that you can plug USB devices directly into, so you don't need a converter to charge them anymore.

#3 Home Automation Systems

Third, consider if you want a home automation system installed in your house. It can be easier to set-up and wire a home automation system from the get-go. There are numerous devices in your home that you can connect to a home automation system, such as your thermostat for your HVAC system or your lights can be connected to a home automation system, so you can turn on your lights when you are away from home. You can even connect your garage door to a home automation system. Consider if this is something that you want and if you want it hardwired into your home from the beginning. 

#4 More Secure Doors

Fourth, consider how you want to secure your home. Traditionally, bolts and locks controlled by keys were the way to secure the doors in your home. However, there are lots of ways you can secure your doors beyond keys. For example, you could have a key-code installed on your doors so that you can open your doors with a key-code instead of physical key. Or you could have a blue-tooth enabled entry system set up so that your door unlocks when it connects with your phone. Or you can have an entry system that scans your fingerprints. You are no longer limited to a traditional metal key; there are lots of ways to secure your home. 

Think carefully about how you want to incorporate technology into your home, and discuss these ideas with your home builder or Sherman Hayden Custom Homes.