2 Additions for Your Patio or Porch for the Benefit of Your Pooch

Being a dog owner requires you to be responsible to take care of your pet's needs, including physical and emotional ones. When you live in a high-rise apartment, condo, or other living area that does not have a connected, easily-accessible, or pet-friendly space for your dog to play and use the bathroom, there are some options for you to implement into your patio, porch, or other outdoor area. Here are two additions to help you make your space more dog friendly for your pet. 

Faux Grass

When you live in an apartment or condo that does not have access to a connecting grassy area for your dog to pee or poop, you can install your own artificial grass patch right onto the surface of your patio or porch. Artificial turf has the look and feel of real grass, but does not require watering or mowing. It will also hold up your dog scratches at its surface, and is made from material that controls odors after your dog has finished using the turf. 

You can install a patch of artificial grass that includes a plastic mat beneath the artificial grass to catch and collect and pee so you can clean it out later.  Or you can also install an entire area with artificial grass to make the space look as though it is a real lawn. This can be helpful to prevent your dog from tearing up a real lawn, to keep your outdoor space looking well kept, and to keep your real grass free of droppings and healthy, as dog urine and feces can kill your lawn and leave dead spots. Talk to a local artificial turn company like Bourget Bros. Building Materials about their options and pricing for the grass and installation at your home.


Dogs love to dig in the dirt, and when you live in a place that does not provide this, you can add it to your outdoor space to help increase the happiness of your dog. Some dog breeds, including terriers, are more likely to want to dig in the dirt and will do it for entertainment or to keep their valuable toy safe. Other dogs might dig a hole in the dirt to create a comfortable place to take a nap.

Adding a doggy sandbox to your yard is simple with the use of a kiddie sandbox or kiddie pool, then fill it with sand or clean dirt. You can also build a sandbox with the use of lumber to build the sides and plywood for the bottom of the sandbox. You can also buy a pre-constructed wood sandbox online or at most home improvement stores.