What Are The Different Types Of Custom Built Homes You Can Have?

When you decide to build your home from scratch instead of buying a pre-built or existing home, there are several options open to you. It depends on the style of home you would like, the size of the property, and of course location, as well as your storage and size needs. Custom built homes range from the traditional to modern technologies and, you are only limited by your own imagination.

Traditional Custom Builds

A traditional custom built home is a house that is either built in place of a torn-down building or placed on a newly acquired property where no home has been. These can be small bungalows to sprawling mansions. They are completely hooked up to electrical and water feeds from the city (or septic systems in the country) and are designed by an architect or custom home builder, such as David James Custom Homes, with help from you on its overall design. These houses are the most common and tend to fit well into the neighborhoods in which they are planned for.

Tiny Homes

A new trend in the custom home build market is the much smaller, tiny home. These are still custom-built homes but on a smaller scale. They can be built to rest on a trailer bed making them mobile, meaning you can take your home with you if you ever move from your city. Tiny homes can also be built off of the trailer bed for a permanent residence on your own property or if you are renting from family or friends properties. Tiny homes are usually cheaper to build and maintain with electrical and water costs much lower than their traditional counterparts. Tiny homes, however, are smaller and lend themselves to a certain type of lifestyle that is more active where the owners might spend most of their day away from the home.

Container Home

When you are looking for a smaller home but larger than a tiny home, then a container home might suit your needs. These homes are created from sturdy shipping containers commonly used by railroads to ship products to their clients. There is such an abundance of unused containers that builders had the idea of turning them into housing. You can make a home from a single container house, all the way to a multi-family dwelling. The container home is well within the budget of many families to build and there is no limit to the size of the home you can have.

3-D Printed Homes

The evolution of the 3-D printer has now allowed some builders to create completely printed homes using these fantastic printers. While they are still in their infant stage of development, sturdy and very cost efficient homes have been built using this technology. They can be pretty much any size from bungalow to mansion and they are actually quite environmentally friendly.