What To Do If Your Building Is Not Staying Cool Enough

Have you found that, despite having a central air conditioning unit, your building is not staying as nice and cool as you would like it to be, you need to take action. Take a moment to review the following things that you will want to do in order to help figure out the problem.

Check For Air Leaks Around The Windows And Doors

Your air conditioning unit may actually be working just fine. However, if there are a lot of small holes or cracks along the perimeter of your windows and doors, a lot of that air you are cooling off is escaping from your home. Also, some of the warmer air from outside might be coming into your building through those spots. This can make it very difficult to keep your home a consistent temperature that you can enjoy. Use caulking to seal around the sides of the window and door frames to help resolve this problem.

Consider Having Foam Insulation Sprayed Into The Walls

If it has been a long time since new insulation was placed behind the walls of your building, it might be time for some new insulation. Instead of simply replacing the old fiberglass insulation with new fiberglass insulation, you may want to use a different material. To ensure that the air you are paying to cool off is not escaping from the building, you will want to hire a contractor to fill the wall cavity with spray foam insulation that will harden and provide ultimate energy efficiency.

Have The Central Air Unit Serviced

About once a year, you will want to have your central air conditioning unit serviced. This will require setting an appointment with an HVAC specialist. He or she can look over your unit and determine if there are any replacements or repairs that need to be made in order to ensure that the building is being cooled off in an efficient manner. Sometimes, having something as simple as the air filter replaced can make a word of difference in the performance of the unit.

If you are still experiencing trouble getting your home or commercial buildings to cool off as much as they should, you will want to ask your trusted HVAC specialist to look for other possible causes. There might be something you are missing, or there might be a few small adjustments that can be made in order to give you the best results.