3 Reasons A Pump House Is A Positive Addition To Your Well Area

Relying on your own private well for water means that you are in charge of all of the components that help to bring the water into your house, specifically, the well pump. If you are like most homeowners, the well pump you have is situated above ground as a typical jet model. Because of the position above ground, your well water pump can be left in a vulnerable position. This is one reason why so many homeowners choose to have a well pump house built as an added measure of protection. Take a look at the three reasons a well pump house is a good addition to your property when you own a private well. 

Prolong the life of your well pump. 

The well pump is easily one of the largest expenses that comes with maintaining and relying on a private well and there is question that you should keep this investment rightly protected. A pump house built around your well pump keeps it inside of a protective structure, which means that you will be protecting the pump from usual wear and tear that could come from the pump being situated outside and exposed to wind, rain, and direct sunlight. 

Protect your well pump from freezing in the winter. 

In the coldest months of the year, one of your biggest concerns will be preventing the well pump from freezing up. If the water inside of the well pump freezes, not only will you be left without water to your home, you can also have a well pump that is at risk of damage because water tends to expand as it freezes. With a pump house surrounding the well pump, you can keep it away from the freezing cold temperatures much easier. You can even install a simple heat lamp inside of the pump house so the atmosphere inside of the structure is a little warmer than it is outside. 

Ensure pests do not bother your well pump. 

In some areas, animals and pests can be a major problem around anything where there is water associated. For example, insects will often nest around a well pump or inside of its parts because there is also easy access to water, but this can compromise the functionality of the pump. When you have a pump house built over your well pump, you will have a structure that can be closed off so that pests cannot make their way inside. 

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