3 BIG Problems That Can Come From An Overgrown Oak Tree

Strong and tall, oak trees have long been a symbolic American tree because different varieties grow across the country. As valuable as a large oak tree can be in some settings, if you have a massive oak tree on your residential property, you may run into a few problems that will lead to you needing the tree to be removed. The massive size of some of these trees means it is best to only entrust this task to a professional tree removal service. Take a look at some of the problems that can come along with having a giant oak growing near your home on your residential property:

Poison ivy can cover the tree trunk. 

Various forms of vining ivy plants are attracted to the trunk of an oak tree because it harbors moisture and its rough bark gives a stable place to anchor. However, poisonous ivy is not a plant that you want hanging around your property, especially if you have small children or if you or a family member is allergic. As oak trees get older, their canopies open up because the foliage is not as thick, which means ivy will naturally flourish with ample sunlight on the bark. To combat the persistent ivy on the oak tree, you may very well have to have the entire tree removed. 

The tree can grow large and top heavy. 

If the tree is located close enough to your home, you will always have to be mindful of the fact that a falling limb could cause some damage. With older oak trees that are rather large, this can be an even bigger problem. When an oak tree grows to a massive size, it can be hard for the root system to support the heft of the tree during storms. Unfortunately, this can lead to the tree uprooting, falling over, and costing you a lot of damage to your home. 

Old oak trees are natural pest attractors. 

Oak worms, beetles, snakes, and even vermin are all attracted to an oak tree that has any rot at all. Even if all there is in bad shape is a few limbs, you can almost guarantee that some pest is going to make its way to the tree to set up shop. As an oak tree deteriorates, its normally dense wood becomes brittle and easy to burrow through for pests, which will quickly exacerbate problems with rot and make the tree itself highly unstable and prone to breakage. 

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