Upgrade Your Commercial Building’s Exterior

Your company's facade is the first thing people see when they pass by or visit the establishment that you own. The last thing you want to do is give others the wrong impression by disregarding the appearance of the building. If professionalism and safety are paramount to you and you would like to upgrade your business so that its exterior contains features that you prefer, try the suggestions below. 

Choose A Weather-Resistant Door That Contains Tempered Glass

If the door leading to your business is worn and lacks a window, a steel or wooden door that has a weather-resistant coating and that has tempered glass panes installed in it will make your business look newer and will provide you with the opportunity to see who is approaching your establishment, and it will let sunshine in on a daily basis. Tempered glass is stronger than standard glass and will not shatter if it is struck with a sharp or heavy object.

Tempered glass is sometimes referred to as safety glass because it breaks into small pieces that are not jagged or sharp if excessive force is placed against it. Contact a business that sells and installs weather resistant doors and tempered glass panes, such as S & J Door Inc, to select a door that you think is a perfect fit for your business. 

Add An Overhang And Small Seating Area Surrounding A Water Feature

Providing your patrons with an attractive area to sit down in while they are gathering paperwork or locating their keys before heading to their vehicles will show your client base that you are a person who goes above and beyond what many other business owners choose.

After placing some quaint, stylish furnishings on the lawn that is in front of your business, install a canopy or awning over the furnishings so that they remain dry and people who sit down will be provided with shade. Purchase a small fountain or pond and install it next to the furnishings so that visitors have a tranquil decoration to look at while they are seated. 

Increase Visibility With Signage And Lighting

Help your business stand out during the day and night by installing some bright-colored signs that are surrounded by drop lights. Plant foliage next to the signs and lighting to add appeal to the new additions and provide each one with a manicured appearance. If clients often visit you after hours or if some people are newcomers and have never been to your business before, the signage and lighting will help each person locate your business.