How To Prevent Leaks In Commercial Bathrooms

A leak in your bathroom at home is little more than a brief inconvenience for you and your family. However, in a bathroom in your commercial building, a leak can cost you customers and tenants, and even lead to steep fines from the health inspectors. Leaks commonly occur due to the high traffic in commercial bathrooms and the unpredictable manner of use. However, there are ways that you can reduce the possibility of a leak.

Bolt the Sinks to the Walls

People can be very rough in their handling of items inside the bathroom, and sinks usually bear the brunt of this. Some people may also lean on the sinks, or sit on them for whatever reason. This can put a heavy strain on the plumbing, and can lead to leaks in the best case scenario, or serious damage to the sink if the strain is too much.

By bolting the sink to the wall you will ensure that the chances of a leak are reduced, and also ensure the sink is less likely to get damaged.

Automatically Flushing Toilets

Another common cause for leaks in bathrooms is people being too rough when flushing the toilet. Even the strongest flushing handle can only withstand a certain amount of force. In a commercial toilet, there's always a chance that someone will turn the handle roughly or try to flush the toilet with their foot out of fear of touching the handle. This can easily break the handle and cause water to leak from the toilet's cistern.

An automatically flushing toilet will cost you more than your standard toilet, but it will be worth it. Even customers who have a phobia of commercial toilets find it easier to use these toilets.

Automatic Sinks

Just as with the flushing handle in toilets, some people may be too rough with the sink handle. This can cause them to either break or wear quickly, resulting in a leak. This can cost you a lot of money on your water bill, but sinks that automatically turn on and off can save you a lot of money in that regard.

Despite your best efforts, leaks are sometimes unavoidable and when they occur, the best way of dealing with them is talking to an emergency plumbing service team. These professionals have experience with these systems and can install solutions that will prevent similar issues in the future, saving you money in the long run. Contact companies like Marv's Plumbing for more information.