Prepping For A Vinyl Siding Project To Lessen The Mess

It seems that every single home improvement project comes with a pretty big mess. Unfortunately, it's impossible to get through renovations without making things look worse and making a mess while doing it. If you're planning to have vinyl siding installed on your home soon, there's some things that you can do to reduce the clean-up after the project is complete.

Remove Decorative Items

Any decorative items that you have hanging on the side of your home or on the ground around your home should be moved. The more you get done before the work crew arrives, the less they will have to do before they can begin working – and you won't have to worry about any of it getting damaged while the siding is being removed and installed.

Protect Plants and Trees

Protecting the plants and trees around the house will take some time, but it will be worth it when the project is done and you just have to undo the protection to reveal healthy plants.

For trees, shrubs and tall plants, get a roll of commercial grade shipping plastic wrap. This stuff comes in large rolls and is thicker than the plastic wrap you have in your kitchen. You will use this to wrap around the trees, shrubs and tall plants to keep them all out of the way of the workers and protect them from damage.

For smaller plants, you'll need some buckets and bins. One-gallon plastic ice-cream buckets are great for covering small plants. Big plastic bins are ideal for covering larger areas of multiple plants or lager plants. Trash cans can be used to cover the very tall plants or small trees.

Lay Tarps on the Ground

To avoid finding nails for the next several weeks, you'll want to cover the ground surrounding your home. Lay tarps or sheets of plastic to cover the ground. Just make sure that it is thick enough to withstand the abuse that it will sustain as ladders are moved and workers walk on it.

When the work is done, you'll just have to roll it all up and the nails and other debris can be carried away in one swoop – you may have a few things that'll need picked up, but this will do most of the clean-up for you in minutes.

Talk with the vinyl siding professionals in your area to find more information about preparations to take to make the project less of a headache for you and them.