How To Spot Downspout Problems And Solutions That May Help

The downspout is an important part of the gutter system of your home because it directs water away from your house. When you get new gutters or have your old gutters repaired, you'll want to think about changes you need to make to the downspout. A gutter specialist can help you determine how to set up your downspout according to the slope of your property and other factors. Here's how to tell if your downspout needs improvements and some options you have.

Signs Of Downspout Drainage Problems

If you have a short downspout that empties near the foundation of your house, you may want to make some changes so that the water doesn't pool around your foundation if it rains. A short spout could eventually cause water damage to your basement or even foundation damage by dumping water near your house. If you're having problems with a wet basement, then take a look at where the spout empties rain. By making some changes, you might solve your problem with a damp or wet basement.

Other problems that develop with the way rain drains off of a roof are due to the slope of the land near the spout. If you have landscape mounds blocking the water or if your yard slopes toward the house, that can keep water from the downspout from draining away from the house. Changing the spout could be a better solution than making changes to your property.

Solutions For A Downspout Drainage Problem

For the spout to drain properly, it should be of adequate length to empty water away from the foundation, the spout should be pointed away from the house, and water should drain away freely by using gravity. If the spout is too short, the specialist can add an extension to it so that the rain empties further in your yard. They might also add a splash pad under the spout so that the force of the water doesn't create a depression in the soil that allows water to puddle. To ensure water drains away as it should, the gutter specialist may suggest placing a spout extension under the ground. The trench for the extension can be sloped to ensure the right direction of rain drainage. The buried drain could empty into the street or onto your lawn to add water to the grass.

While ensuring the downspout empties properly so that rain doesn't cause water damage is the most important consideration when it comes to your gutter system, looks can be important too. Your specialist can help you choose the right type of spout for your home, so it doesn't have an ugly appearance. You might want a decorative rain chain or another type of artistic addition. You may even want the spout connected to a rain barrel to collect water for your flower beds.

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