Quick Clues That Tell You Something Isn’t Right With Your Sewer Line

It is very important to make sure that you are well aware of the signs that you have something going wrong with your sewer line. This way, you will be able to spot issues quickly and call for sewer repair services. Here are some of the signs of a failed, or completely failed, sewage line:

The Yard Is Moist

This is a clear sign that something is just not right, especially if only part of your yard is wet and that part just so happens to be above the buried sewer line. Even if you still are not sure, it is best to completely avoid that area until you have a contractor come check it out for you. Septic waste water is highly toxic. Don't let anyone in your house, including your pets, walk through the wet area of your yard in case it is sewer water.

You Are Hearing Gurgling Sounds Coming Through The Drains

This can be a little startling at first, especially if the noise is loud and you are used to the water silently going into the drain. If you do end up hearing odd noises whenever you send water down the drain or whenever you flush the toilet, you will want to call a plumber. It could be that there is just a small clog starting to form somewhere in the drain lines. However, it could be that your sewer line broke and that is causing issues with getting the water and waste to pass through. You won't know the extent of the problem until you call for an appointment with a plumber who can inspect your entire sewer drain line.

Should you suspect that you have a problem with the sewage drain line that runs from your home to the street or to your septic tank, you will want to call for sewer line repair. This is not a problem that is minor at any point and the issue can quickly get out of hand. Remember, the septic water and waste that could end up in your yard is toxic. You want to stay away from it and don't let your pets wander off to that area either. The sooner you get professional assistance for the repairs to your sewer line, the sooner you will be able to flush the toilet without worrying about what you are flushing ending up in the front yard.