The Simple Step-By-Step Guide To Filling Driveway Cracks And Protecting Surfaces From Damage

When the driveway to your home starts to show signs of its age, there are going to be cracks on the surface. If you let these cracks go unrepaired, it can lead to serious damage that can be costly to repair. Therefore, you want to make sure you have repairs done to prevent serious problems. The following guide will help you with repairing the cracks on the surface to prevent serious damage and to protect the finish.

1. Assessing the Damage 

The first thing that you need to do to repair the cracks in the pavement is to assess the damage. Sometimes, the cracks are only on the surface and due to things like wear, weathering, and exposure to sunlight. These are problems that can usually be fixed with a simple crack filler product. 

2. Dealing with Erosion Problems 

The problems with your driveway cracks could be due to erosion of the soil beneath the pavement. Before you do repairs, you will want to replace the soil, reinforce the base, and improve drainage. You may need to cut the damaged section out with a concrete saw and then add gravel and compact the area before replacing the pavement. 

3. Applying the Crack Filler 

Crack filler can be used to repair problems with minor cracks that have started to appear on the surface of the concrete. You will want to apply the filler to the cracks, which will fill them and bond the pavement back together. This can also be done to the repairs that you may have had to do due to erosion and potholes forming on the surface of your pavement.

4. Using Sealants and Improving Drainage

Once you have filled the cracks in pavements, you will want to protect the repairs and surface of your pavement from future damage. This can be done by applying a sealant to the finish, which will protect the pavement from weathering and wear due to exposure to sunlight. In addition, if you have erosion problems, you will also want to improve the drainage of your driveway to prevent future problems that could damage the pavement.

These steps will help you repair cracks in asphalt or concrete before they become a serious problem and protect your driveway finish from future damage. If you need to repair minor cracks and damage to the surface of your driveway, contact a crack filler supplier like Specialty Construction Supply to get the materials you need to complete the repairs.