Tips When Having A Builder Construct A Custom Home

A custom new home is exciting. It's a fresh start and full of so many possibilities. If you're working with a builder to have a custom home constructed, these steps can help you design an amazing home that everyone loves.  See What's Possible First Ideas may be circulating in your head about what this custom home will look like, but try not to become too attached to any specific features yet. Read More 

3 Types of Fireplaces for Your Home

If you want to have a fireplace in your home, you need to make sure you know what kind of fireplace you want. Fireplace types are usually defined by their fuel source, as different fuel sources dramatically alter the set-up and design of your fireplace. Wood Burning The most classic type of fireplace is a wood-burning fireplace. With a wood burning fireplace, generally, you have an open-hearth style, which basically means the fireplace opens up into your home, with stones around the base of the fireplace. Read More 

Common Myths About Gutter Screen Installation

If you want to get away from having to get your gutters cleaned periodically because of the debris that gets trapped inside them, gutter screens are a logical investment. Even though there are few things you can find about gutter screens or gutter guards that could be considered bad, these gutter additions do tend to get a bad reputation due to some prevailing myths. Take a look a just a few of the most prevailing myths about gutters screens and the real facts you should know. Read More 

Air Conditioner Maintenance And Efficiency Recommendations

When the heat of summer set in, your home and its interior will heat up to an uncomfortable temperature if your air conditioner is not maintained and ready to go. Keeping your air conditioner in good condition is a process. You need to keep an eye on the system all year to avoid having problems when you need it most. Here are some recommendations for you to use this summer to keep your air conditioner working its best to cool your home. Read More 

Door Repairs, Home Security, And Ensuring Your Home Is Safe From Damage And The Bad Guys

The maintenance of the exterior of your home is important to prevent serious damage due to things like structural damage and rot. It is also important to help ensure your home is safe and secure and keep unwanted visitors out. Therefore, you want to make sure things like front doors and other entranceways are suited for the job. The following tips will help you with door repairs and improvements to ensure your home is safe from damage and secure so you can sleep at night: Read More