3 Tips For Safely Installing Electrical Wiring Around Your Home’s Plumbing

If you have decided to do some rewiring in your home, you may come to an area that requires you to install wires around the plumbing. If you are nervous about installing the electrical wires correctly around pipes containing water, use the following tips to ensure you do so safely. Inspect The Pipes For Leaks Before Wiring Before you starting removing or stringing the first wire, inspect the surrounding pipes for any leaks. Read More 

3 Surprising Reasons A Home Filtration System Is Better Than Bottled Water

If your home has hard water, or if you just prefer not to drink straight from the tap, you're probably interested in finding alternatives to tap water. Bottled water is easy to choose – after all, you see it all the time. It's everywhere – in your grocery store, in your gas station, in the vending machines at work. And because bottles of water are easily portable, it might seem like a convenient choice. Read More 

A Quick Guide To Pond Pump Troubleshooting

The pond pump lies at the heart of nearly every decorative pond. You depend on it to produce the tranquil, relaxing sound of water cascading over rocks. Fish depend on it to provide the fresh, oxygen-rich water they need to survive. When it's out of commission, there's a good chance that neither of you will be happy with the end results. Getting your pond pump back up and running means quickly and accurately diagnosing the problem at hand. Read More 

Destructive Emerald Ash Borer Beetles: Identification And Signs Of Infestation

Emerald ash borer beetles (EAB) are costing cities, companies and property owners millions of dollars because of damage caused by their invasion of ash trees. Unless these infestations are stopped, the economic impact will continue to worsen for industries that rely on this type of lumber. Because of the continual spread of EAB infestations, learning to identify EABs and the signs of infestation are critical so they can be stopped. Read More 

Don’t Let The Holiday Season Wreak Havoc On Your Heating System And Energy-Saving Efforts

Keeping your furnace in good working order and conserving energy often go hand-in-hand. In order to keep your furnace working efficiently, you need to take good care of it, and by making an effort to save energy, you're making your furnace's workload smaller, thereby extending its lifespan. It's easy to stick to energy-saving routines when life is calm and you're home alone, but when the holidays bring stress and a host of extended family members into your home, your efforts may become compromised. Read More