Shopping For Rain Gutters? 2 Upgrades That Could Save You A Lot Of Hassle

If you are like a lot of homeowners, you might assume that there isn't a lot to those rain gutters. However, after taking care of those downspouts for years and years, you might discover a different reality. Gutters can be difficult to keep clean, creating hours of extra chores. Fortunately, these two upgrades might save you a lot of frustration: 1: Seamless Rain Gutters Do you hate the look of messy rain gutter seams? Read More 

Hatin’ On Your Hardwoods? 3 Ways To Remove The Haze On Your Hardwoods

As a homeowner, you most likely already understand the appeal of hardwood flooring. From a stylish design and enormous value, it is easy to see the appeal. However, cleaning these floors can become an overwhelming task without the right supplies. Considering there are many wood floor cleaners on the market, finding the best one can be stressful. Unfortunately, many of these cleaning products leave behind a cloudy haze with continuous use on your hardwood floors. Read More 

Annoyed With Ammonia? Dangers Of Ammonia And Natural Recipes For Cleaning Glass

From mowing grass and cleaning your carpet to replacing a leaky faucet, maintaining your home is overwhelming. While stressful at times, cleaning, maintenance, and repairs are imperative parts of home ownership. Not only will these updates and improvements protect your home's function and appeal, but they are also necessary for upholding the value of your house. Unfortunately, you may not be placing enough importance on your home's windows. Although thousands are available on the market, many glass cleaners contain harmful ingredients that can affect your health and the environment. Read More 

Dodging Drafts In Your Home? Helpful Tips To Find & Eliminate Cold Air Infiltration Problems

Winter weather may be heralded in by the holiday season, but the blasts of snow, ice and bone-chilling cold that accompany it are seldom considered reasons to celebrate. For many families, the ever-increasing cost of gas, fuel oil and electricity make winter a daily struggle to keep their homes and families warm without wrecking the budget. Those that live in older or poorly insulated homes face an even tougher battle and may not have the funds needed to remodel the home or even increase the amount of insulation required to make it warmer. Read More 

6 Ways To Tell If Your AC Unit Is Leaking Refrigerant

An air conditioner that is leaking refrigerant will not only function improperly, leaving home temperatures much higher than they should be, but it will also cause home utility bills to soar along with the temperature. Many homeowners are completely unaware of how to tell if their AC units are leaking refrigerant until the system completely ceases to work and they are forced to call a professional for assistance. By the time this happens, repair bills will be significantly higher than if the problem were nipped in the bud. Read More